Product Information


Emergency shut-off Valves Featuring Electric Double Layer Capacitor “CAPACON?ESeries


[Technological Excellence]
Long-lived capacitor provides operational stability of valve driving in an emergency
Employs specific technology of capacitor control system and energy-saving design
Longer operation-life provided by newly-developed gearing system
[Flexible system design]
Power supply with a voltage between 100-240V AC. Usable both in and outside Japan
Compatible operation-mode for emergency (Power-failure operational mode, Signal operational mode)
Enables wide range of operational settings with microcomputer control
[Safety-conscious design and outstanding maintainability]
Includes safety features as standard, such as Failure Detection System, Operation-
recording Retention System, Self-Diagnostic System and communication facilities.
Includes Deterioration-Diagnosis System as standard (PATPEND)
  • PMK-007CR

    PMK-007CR photoPMK-007CR Drawing
  • PMK-015CR

    PMK-015CR photoPMK-015CR Drawing
  • PMK-030CR

    PMK-030CR photoPMK-030CR Drawing
  • PMK-100CR

    PMK-100CR photoPMK-100CR Drawing
  • 標準搭載機E

    • Hybrid Control Mode in Emergency Use
      (Power-failure operational mode, Signal operational mode)
    • Overload Protection System
    • Overtime operation indicator
    • Self-Diagnosis System
    • Error Detection System
    • Operation Data Log / Communication System
      {{Status Viewer}}
      1. Power-On Counter, 2. Power-Failure Operation Counter, 3. Signal Operation Counter, 4. Total Operation Hours, 5. Operation Hours (above 1 sec.), 6. Operation Hours (Less than 1 sec.)
      {{Use Environment}}
      7. Highest Internal Temperature, 8. Lowest Internal Temperature
      {{Self Diagnosis System}}
      9. Capacitor Deterioration Self-Diagnosis (Indicates in 0-10 level), 10. Capacitor Error counter
      {{Error Detection}}
      11. Overload Error Counter, 12. Overtime Operation Counter
  • 拡張機EEオプションEE width=

    • Data logging software enables monitoring current status and saving log data of actuator operations with your PC. (Dedicated USB connection cable required)
    • LED indicator reports the valve position.
Specifications of CAPACON Series
Product No. PMK-001CR PMK-007CR PMK-015CR PMK-030CR PMK-100CR
Working Voltage (V) AC100VEE40V AC100V/240V
Frequency (Hz) 45EE5
Rated Power Torque (NEm) 10 75 150 300 1000
Rated Power Consumption (W) 13 17 24 46 144
Maximum Power Consumption (W) 39 51 72 138 216
Valve Closing Time /Normal Time
(sec/90 deg.)
6 20 23 25 22EE50
Valve Closing Time/Emergency
EEec/90 deg.EE/td>
4 22 28 30 22EE50
Weight (kg) 4 7 12 17 26
Charge/Discharge cycle of capacitor 100,000
Working Voltage AC100VEE64V
Ambient Temperature for Use EE0?E!E0?E/td>
Ambient Temperature for Storage EE0?E!E0?E/td>
Ambient Humidity for use
Not over 90%RH (Non condensing)
Splash-proof Structure Equivalent to IP54
Insulating Resistance DC500MV 100Mωand above
Withstand Voltage AC1500V (1 min.) or AC1800V (1 sec.)
Package Material Al die-cast
Surface Coating Silver Hammernet
Mounting Position From Vertical position to Horizontal position(No downward position)
Service Environment Indoor/Outdoor (Avoid direct sunlight)